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Smile! Full-Body Scanners Arrive at Bradley



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    Bradley Airport debuting full body scanners

    Full-body scanners are coming to Bradley International Airport.

    The scanner, known as “backscatter” imaging creates what looks like a chalk etching of you, au natural.

    The scanners are meant to “unobtrusively screens passengers for metallic and non-metallic threats,” according to the Transportation Security Administration.

    The scanners are just being deployed, so it’s too early to know how local travelers feel about screening technology that creates revealing images to ensure that you’re not carrying any threats on an aircraft.

    Across the country, however, full-body scanners have been controversial.

    Here is what the TSA agents see.


    The Electronic Privacy Information Center filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in July, calling for suspending the full-body scanner program. They want less invasive screening.

    In a letter to Secretary Janet Napolitano, several organizations wrote:

    “Whole Body Imaging systems, such as backscatter x-ray and millimeter wave, capture a detailed image of the subject stripped naked. In this particular application, your agency will be capturing the naked photographs of millions of American air travelers suspected of no wrongdoing,”

    Passengers can also opt out of the screening.

    The TSA says strict measures to protect passenger privacy will be in place. The image of the passenger cannot be stored, transmitted or printed, and is deleted immediately after being viewed. The TSA also insists the technology meets national health and safety standards.