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Parents Ask BOE Member to Resign After "Insensitive" Newtown Comment



    Dozens of parent confront Greg Beck at his first Board of Education Meeting demanding he resign after he makes insensitive remark about Newtown on his Facebook page. (Published Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2013)

    For the first time, Brookfield parents came face to face with the Board of Education member who made an "insensitive" Facebook comment about the upcoming Sandy Hook school shooting anniversary and demanded that he resign.

    Gregory Beck, a newly appointed school board member and police dispatcher in Brookfield, attended his first Board of Education meeting at Brookfield High School on Wednesday night. There he was confronted by dozens of angry parents.  

    “You did it on the 26th day… these people have to count to get to their one-year anniversary. Shame on you! Shame on you!” said parent Linda Frame.

    Almost a month ago, he pledged to buy his friends ammunition during Newtown's 26 Days of Kindness, an effort taking place ahead of the Dec. 14 anniversary of the massacre.

    “I shall buy my friends who are gun enthusiasts a box of ammunition on days 1-26,” the post on Beck’s Facebook page said. Beck has since then given a written apology and acknowledged that the post  was insensitive. He said he didn't mean to cause any harm.

    But for many, it was too late.

    "If you are dumb enough to be that stupid at least be smart enough to keep your mouth shut and not hit post," said Newtown parent Kate Mayer.

    NBC Connecticut spoke with Gregory Beck at the meeting.

    "They were very passionate, but unfortunately I'm going to maintain my position," Beck said. "I feel I'm the best candidate."

    Brookfield parents were outraged with his response.

    “How is my daughter supposed to learn about integrity from someone like this in charge of our Board of Ed,” said Frame.

    Some members of the Board of Education said they were upset about the Facebook post, but added they could not force Beck to resign.