Tricks and Treats: The Best and Worst Candy We’ve Ever Seen

We love our candy. But everyone has some candy that can't stand getting in their trick or treat bag. We've got it all.

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The Candy G-string was introduced at a world candy show a few years ago, and we still find it oh-so-classy.
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We've all been offered ABC gum at some point -- as in, already been chewed. Now it's being packaged. Even though it's just a mold, it's still gross.
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Umm, forget the Ring Pop. This is the "Bling Pup". We're just reporting the news, folks.
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Umm, if you're into Army guys and gummies, this may be for you! The Gummy Army Guys.
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Back in the mid-1990s, Shaq offered up the "Mr. Big" bar. Oh, Shaq. That's just wrong.
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These are a classic now: Crunchy Larva from the old Fear Factor TV show.Pass the barbeque ones!
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These candies are meant to pair perfectly with coffee, milk and even wine. Or so they say. But we're sure they're good on their own, too.
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Hmm, those raspberries and blackberries. We just don't get it.
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We were never fans of Laffy Taffy. Sure, the joke inside was nice, but it's so rough on your teeth!
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And then there's local favorite, Pez. Those dispensers are a little creepy, for sure.
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Because who doesn't love candy?
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