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UConn Alum Is Delivering Chile Rescue Photos to the World



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    UConn Today and Gabriel Ortega.com
    Gabriel Ortega is at the site of the miners' rescues.

    As the world watches the Chilean miners surfacing after being trapped underground for 69 days, one person with an up-close look at the amazing rescues is UConn alum Gabriel Ortega.

    Ortega is a freelance journalist in Chile and works as photo editor and assistant to Hugo Infante, who happens to be the official photographer for the Chilean government, according to UConn Today.

    As the miners emerge, reunite with their families and meet the president, Infante captures the moments through photos.

    Each hour, Ortega runs from a gated area, up the hill to where the miners are emerging, and uploads photos from Infante's camera to flickr, according to UConn Today.

    “He is one of only a very few to have access to all this information,” his mother, Isabel Berger, told UConn Today. “He hasn’t stopped. … He said he is so tired, he really needs a very strong coffee.”

    Ortega is watching history in the making. Never before have miners been trapped so long. 

    Ortega graduated from UConn’s School of Fine Arts in 2004 with a bachelor’s degree in photography.

    He was born in Chile and moved back there in 2005, according to UConn, and been based in the Chilean government’s communications office.