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Sen. Joe: Feels "Badly for Chris"



    Sen. Joe: Feels "Badly for Chris"
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    Despite a rocky past, Senator Joe Lieberman will back Dodd.

    Connecticut’s junior senator, Joe Lieberman -- who knows a thing or two about being a political punching bag -- came to the defense Monday of senior senator Chris Dodd, who's become a symbol of a the AIG bonus mess.

    “I felt badly for Chris,” Lieberman told the Day of New London during a stop at The William W. Backus Hospital in Norwich. “He was way out front in the Senate in trying to prohibit bonuses and high pay for any executives at companies getting money from the taxpayers.”

    Lieberman, an Independent, went on to say Dodd was unfairly made the scapegoat last week as anger bloomed over the bonuses paid to AIG executives.

    Lieberman spent a good dal of time in the Dems' dog house last year. After the Democratic party’s once-nominee for vice president stepped away from the party during the presidential race to back Sen. John McCain, there was some question on whether he’d be caucusing with the Democrats.