Fairfield Police Bust Suspected Steroid Ring

Police have busted a suspected steroid ring and arrested two people in Connecticut as well as one in New York.

In April, a Fairfield police detective got a lead about illegal sales of painkillers. When they investigated, they found steroids as well and brought in federal agents.

On Wednesday, police in Westchester County arrested Sean Jackson, of Bridgeport, on his way to Connecticut, and searched his home, as well as the homes of Chris Puzzio in Trumbull and Jerry Mazzuoccolo in Derby. 

Police seized raw chemicals in powder form that they said came from China and Russia, large amounts of steroids, HGH, paraphernalia and pill presses. They said they also found cash and weapons.  

Puzzio and Mazzuoccolo were  charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell and with operating a drug factory. 

They posted bond and are due in court Aug 19. 

Puzzio denied being the suspect, then said it was all a misunderstanding and he would be exonerated. 

Police are continuing to investigate. 

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