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Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Web

What is a mobile website?

Some websites are now specially formatted to display their content on mobile phones. These wireless websites allow you to browse or navigate using the keys on your mobile phone.What is a web-enabled mobile phone? A web-enabled mobile phone is a phone that has a built-in web browser and the capability to connect to wireless websites.

How do I know if my mobile phone is web-enabled?

Please check with your mobile phone manufacturer to see if your mobile phone can access wireless websites. Web-enabled simply means the phone has the built-in capability of accessing the web. You will also need an Internet access plan from your carrier to use this wireless website. Product compatible with all WAP enabled handsets.

Is there a charge to access our mobile website?

You can access our mobile website for FREE! Additional monthly charges may apply depending on your data plan. Please check with your carrier for package rates and transport charges. Standard or other charges may apply. Appropriate charges will be billed on the customer's wireless phone bill. By entering their phone number on the sign-up page, you are accepting all terms and conditions.

What is a data plan?

A data plan, provided by your mobile phone carrier, allows you to browse the web via your handheld device.

Will I be using my monthly minutes to access the mobile website?

In most cases, your mobile web browser won't use up minutes on your calling plan. Please check with your carrier for specific details of your plan.

Can I access the mobile website from anywhere?

Access is limited to the coverage area of your carrier. Consult your carrier's coverage map for limitations on service.

How do I launch the mobile website from my web browser?

Two simple steps:
1. Launch the mobile Internet browser on your phone.
2. Enter the site URL using your phone keypad and press OK or GO. You'll see our mobile site home page.
Tip: There's no need to enter http:// on most mobile phone or PDA browsers.
Don't forget to add the site to your mobile bookmarks for fast and easy access to news anytime, anywhere!

I've accessed the wireless website, but I'm having problems, such as pages not loading, or loading slowly.

Check to see if you can access other wireless websites. If not, you may be out of the area covered by your carrier. If you can access other sites, there may be a temporary problem with the site.

Text Alerts

What is SMS or text messaging?

SMS or Short Messaging Service is a wireless service that sends a brief text message to your mobile phone. If you do not have SMS text messaging on your phone or if your phone is not setup for two-way text messaging, you will need to contact your carrier to have this service enabled.

I'm concerned about giving out my mobile phone number. Is it kept confidential?

Your personal information will remain confidential and will not be used in any other way, nor will we reveal any other information about you to any third party without your consent.

How do I unsubscribe to text alerts?

Reply ‘Stop’ or ‘Quit’ to a text alert that you’ve received to unsubscribe.

How many text alerts will I receive?

The number of text messages sent per week varies by the type of alert you’ve signed up for. Most alerts will send out 3-4 messages per week, though some alerts are sent more or less frequently.

If I sign-up for text alerts will I receive spam?

No. You will only receive alerts you’ve asked to receive and confirmed that you want to receive them.