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Killer Wrote Hit List of Powerbrokers: Prosecutor



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    Before Paul Graziani, a convicted killer, was released from prison in 2008, he created a hit list that included some of the state’s most powerful people, a prosecutor told a judge on Tuesday.

    The events that led to the shocking revelation started with Graziani trying to check himself out of Connecticut Valley Hospital in Middletown, a state psychiatric hospital, officials said.

    That was a parole violation, which is why the former Goshen man was in Middletown Superior Court on Tuesday, where the details of the alleged list surfaced.

    Graziani, 56, spent years in prison for violent crimes including killing his father in 1981 and incidents involving a pipe bomb and Molotov cocktail and had been at CVH in Middletown since his release.

    The alleged hit list turned up in Graziani’s cell after he was released from prison, the Hartford Courant reports, and included judges, Litchfield County prosecutors and others, prosecutor Russell Zentner said.

    These were people he wanted to beat up and “put in the hospital,” the Courant reports, citing Zentner.

    Psychiatrists said Graziani was "obsessed with making hit lists", "fixated on hurting people" and held grudges, the Courant reports.

    One of the most disturbing was against the physician who treated his mother. Reports say Graziani wanted "revenge" by removing a surgeon’s eye and taking the foot of the doctor "who did not take care of his mom," Zentner told the newspaper.

    Now, Graziani has been ordered detained in lieu of $1 million bail and is due in court on Friday.