The Coolest Candies on the Block

These sugary treats are so tempting that we decided there shouldn't be an age bracket to enjoy. Now if only we can explain it to our dentist...

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Stephanie Pratt poses with Sugar Factory Couture Lollipop, an ebony handled pop embellished with sparkling crystals, the big question is, which one is sweeter? (HINT: It's not the girl.)
Dylan's Candy Bar
Too sweet to eat! Or is it too sweet not to? Rest in Sweets? Don't mind if we do.
This sweet and salty mix has made headlines (and a loyal list of fans) for the Chicago chocolate house. Based on the owner's childhood love of chocolate chip pancakes and bacon united by runaway syrup.
© Gabrielle Union Instagram
Caramel Apple, Candy Cane, and Raspberry are just a few of the new flavors on the candy corn block at Zachary Confections.
Dylan's Candy Bar
The smell of Papabubble's freshly made hard candies floats through the streets of lower Manhattan, luring in tourists and locals to sample their delicate hand-stretched treats.
© Gabrielle Union Instagram
Originally known for their amazing organic lollipops that kids (and Al Roker) couldn't get enough of, Yummy Earth brings us the no high fructose corn syrup gummi worm.
Instagram user: lopaka_akoni
8 oz. of apple (thickly draped in chocolate) a day keep the doctor away. Right?
We couldn't just leave well enough alone, could we? Of course not! And by the way, they're delicious.
Yummy Earth
Just one of the 21 flavors of Artisanal Candies from Yummy Earth.
Instagram user: mxlik408
The new Halloween flavors for Dots, Blood Orange and Candy Corn... we're dying to find them! Seen them in-store? Drop us a line on Twitter, @WANTHISCT
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