Yale Co-Eds Look Smart Around Campus

Get smart! We hit the streets to snap some of Yale's stylish students.

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This sunny yellow dress (actually a wrap skirt from Club Monaco) seemed perfectly suited for the day's heat. She paired it with a pair of jewel encrusted raffia flats, a Goyard tote and Chole sunnies.
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We spied this group on the green and were loving their mash-up of thrifted finds and vintage pieces: Prada sneakers with a Hawaiian shirt. Clark Dessert Boots with mom's old shorts.
Pamela Padilla
We're a sucker for brightly hued shoes--particularly in a red patent. All the better when your friend chooses a complimentary pair of sneaks.
"It's a Balenciaga bag, the top is from Club Monaco, Zara Skirt and Matt Bernson sandals. As for the sunglasses, who knows? Found em somewhere."
Pegasus Pasture
Summer simplicity: A cuffed jean shorts, with a tank and sandals but we were loving the graphic print.
From brown booties paired with a micro mini to the oversized Louis Vuitton tote with an armload of silly bands, we were digging her high/low mix.
Ryan Cowen
"The bag is a vintage Chanel, I found it in the back on my mother's closet, the watch is my sister's and the sunglasses...who knows, but I love them." Agreed.
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