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Biggest Losers Weigh-In: Week One



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    The team meets goes through their first weign-in.

    Eat, and eat a lot, three to four times a day is not the advice you’d think a dietitian would give to overweight people in Connecticut’s Biggest Loser contest, but it is.

    Registered dietician Cassandra Forsythe-Pribanic is the food guru for the four Loser participants and her domain will be their kitchens and supermarkets.

    First off, Forsythe-Pribanic recommends they keep food journals, recording everything they eat.

    Eat several times a day, she said, to fend off hunger before it overtakes you.

    “Establish an eating routine where you eat every three to four hours. This is part of the Biggest Loser plan. Frequent eating is going to help you be successful,” Forsythe-Pribanic said.

    She also recommends sticking to food on the perimeter of grocery stores, including fruits, vegetables, dairy and proteins, filling up on water and avoiding excess creams and sugar.

    Eating isn’t just about hunger, which is why Forsythe-Probanic is there to help keep them on track with their weight loss goals.

    “You’re typically an emotional eater. That’s really common” she told Suzi Waters, a nurse from Middletown.

    “(I eat) when I’m happy, when I’m sad” Suzi said.

    Forsythe-Pribanic advised that Waters make her breakfast, lunch and dinners all the same size.

    Now it’s weigh-in time on this second week of training for Connecticut’s Biggest Losers.

    The moment of truth reveals Suzi is down from 254 pounds to a weight of 248! The six- pound loss even surprised Suzi.

    Her trainer, Chris Arnold, said each session is getting a little bit harder

    Jean Jordan, a mother of three from Old Saybrook, is finding time to fit in her workouts.

    She started at 272 pounds and is now 271. Her trainer says she’s been working hard and maximizing any gym time.

    Intense workouts have Elizabeth Szewczyk, from Enfield, feeling great afterwards and it shows. She is down 9 pounds from last week, weighing in at 233 pounds!

    Farmington’s J.R. Reaves has a goal of being a svelte groom this fall and his weight is down to 419 pounds.

    This loss of two pounds can lead to something significant over time, his trainer, Tyler English, said.

    “If he works really hard in three months, there’s no reason he can’t lose three or four pounds a week and that’s being average and I don’t want him to be average. I want him to be more than that,” English said.

    The total weight loss of Connecticut’s Biggest Losers is 18 pounds and counting.

    Keep up on Szewczyk’s progress through her blog, Defining Moments.