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Maersk Alabama Captain "Hijacked My Story"



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    ATM Reza of West Hartford stabbed the pirate who attacked with an ice pick and shares the story of the ordeal.

    A year after four Somali pirates captured his ship, a West Hartford sailor says his captain's book about the incident is another act of piracy.

    "Of course it bothers me," said ATM Reza. "He hijacked my story."

    ATM Reza was at the helm of the Maersk Alabama in the Indian Ocean, standing next to the captain, Richard Phillips, when the pirates approached.  Reza says nowhere in Phillips's new book, A Captain's Duty, does it say that Reza warned Phillips to take action to avoid the pirates in the first place.

    "So many things is inaccurate in the book, highly inaccurate, did not happen because I was there. I am the evidence," Reza said.

    Hijacked Again!

    [HAR] Hijacked Again!
    A West Hartford man who escaped Somali pirates is now claiming the his story has been hijacked.
    (Published Friday, April 23, 2010)

    Reza said he managed to stab one of the pirates in the neck, disarming him with help from the chief engineer, not Phillips.

    "He took my story, I disarm one pirate and (the) book says he disarms and he convinced the pirates - that's not true," Reza said.

    Reza said he's thought of writing a book himself to tell the truth, because Phillips's book is "full of fiction."  When he ships out next month, he'll stay close to the coast, of America, he said.