• Thanksgiving Nov 26, 2021

    Sailors Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner Served by Vets in Groton

    It’s been a tradition since 1998: a family meal in Groton to serve sailors who are serving our country, giving them a taste of a home-cooked meal even though many are miles from their families this Thanksgiving. “I’m FT in the United States Navy and I’m really cold here,” said Mathew Rubert, a Basic Enlisted Submarine School student from...

  • Submarine Base New London Jul 22, 2021

    Sub Base Dials Back Reopening Amid Rising State COVID Infections

    The Navy’s submarine base in Connecticut is reinstituting stricter COVID-19 protocols amid rising infection rates in the state. Submarine Base New London raised what is known as its Force Health Protection Condition on Wednesday from Alpha back to the stricter Bravo for the first time since June 10. That means gathering sizes in the gymnasium and for events on the…

  • Covid-19 Vaccine Jul 15, 2021

    Doctor: Don't Let Headlines Scare You From J&J Vaccine

    You may have seen headlines about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and a warning about Guillain-Barré syndrome. But those cases make up a minor fraction of a percentage, says Dr. John Torres. He continues to recommend getting a shot to protect you and your family from the dangers of COVID-19.

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