• collinsville Aug 3

    Old Collinsville Mill Could Be Renovated by Developer

    A proposal to redevelop an abandoned mill in the Collinsville section of Canton is sparking discussions about the future of the town and what’s best moving forward.

  • collinsville Aug 3

    Collinsville Continues to Contemplate Future of Axe Factory

    It’s a conversation many Connecticut towns are familiar with: what to do with their shuttered factory, a focal point of their community. Those conversations are back on the table again in the Canton village of Collinsville after a redevelopment plan was pitched in May. While the factory closed decades ago, memories of Connecticut’s laboring past linger wherever you look....

  • coronavirus in connecticut May 16

    Hartford Marathon Foundation Hosts First Race Since Pandemic

    It was a big day for the Hartford Marathon Foundation as the Burlington to Collinsville Classic 10K marked their first in-person race since the pandemic began. “We all have been waiting to see our running community for 14 months,” said Elizabeth Johnston, marketing director for Hartford Marathon Foundation, as over 500 racers crossed the finish line. The Hartford Marathon Foundation…

  • collinsville Dec 15, 2019

    Gas Leak Closed Off Traffic in Collinsville

    Several roads were closed in Collinsville after a gas leak was detected on the roof of a local business. Canton firefighters responded to the Main Street vicinity at approximately 9:37 a.m. for a report of a gas odor in the nearby vicinity. Traffic was closed off to Main, Market and Front streets. Nearby apartments and businesses were also evacuated, according…

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