• boat rescue Oct 9

    5 People Rescued After Boat Hits Rocks, Overturns in Bridgeport

    Five people were rescued by crews after their boat crashed into the rocks and overturned in Bridgeport Saturday morning. Officials said the incident happened at approximately 10:15 a.m. off of the Penfield Lighthouse. Police and fire officials said reports showed that five people were in the water because of the incident. Crews were dispatched to the area and were able…

  • New Hampshire Jul 22

    Sailor, Coast Guard Pilot Recall Rescue Off NH: There's No Time for Fear'

    After his boat capsized off the coast of New Hampshire, Gloucester sailor Tom Cox is recalling how he was rescued. After sailing his 42-foot trimaran for 29 years, Cox was overconfident on Friday, he told NBC10 Boston Wednesday, thinking his boat, the Triad, was fast enough to outrun an incoming storm. “On the horizon, we saw cumulus clouds and rain…

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