Vernon Unsworth

  • Elon Musk Dec 4, 2019

    Tesla CEO Musk Facing Defamation Trial for ‘Pedo Guy' Tweet

    Elon Musk is going on trial Tuesday for his troublesome tweets in a defamation case pitting the billionaire against a British diver he allegedly branded a pedophile. The Tesla CEO will be called to testify early in the case in Los Angeles federal court to explain what he meant when he called Vernon Unsworth, who helped rescue youth soccer players…

  • Elon Musk Dec 4, 2019

    Elon Musk Tells Jurors Insult Provoked ‘Pedo Guy' Tweet

    Elon Musk has owned up to insulting a British spelunker in a rash tweet, but wouldn’t concede on the witness stand that he called the man a pedophile. The Tesla CEO returns to the witness stand Wednesday after spending several hours at his defamation trial trying to dance around the meaning of the “pedo guy” tweet he aimed at...

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